Hair Stylist

After a few years in college, Kristen chose to step back from academia, and follow her creative urges. With the support of friends and family, she decided to enroll in beauty school, and never looked back. Over two decades later, Kristen is still a dedicated practitioner of the Cosmetologically Arts and Sciences, has a BA in Studio Art, and applies everything she has learned along her path to further express her passion and creativity.

Kristen calls herself a haircrafter, and loves a diverse clientele. Fussy toddlers? Straight-edge business professionals? Crotchety old ladies? Bring ‘em on! She especially enjoys creative hair colors, natural styles, mens razor cuts, and working with curly/wavy hair.

She also believes in the Golden Rule, loves rainbows, is an avid scooter enthusiast, an irreverent sassy pants, an amateur aquarist, adores animals, hoards plants, appreciates both DC and Marvel, and frequently talks a lot.

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